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Wine Tasting 101

Through a discussion of wine production, major wine regions, wine serving, storage and food pairing ideas, this class provides you the tools to become a conscientious and informed taster. You’ll be surprised by how much information is in your glass! Includes a tasting flight of 6 wines.

$65 per person*

Old World v. New World Wines

The ultimate taste-off! Through a side by side tasting of 4 popular grape varieties, you’ll learn about the stylistic differences between Old World and New World wines and how vastly different the same grapes can taste from unique soils and winemakers in different regions. Includes a glass of sparkling and a tasting flight of 6 wines.

$65 per person*

The New California

Explore a new generation of California winemakers who are experimenting with alternate grape varieties, focusing on site-specific wines and using sustainable and biodynamic production methods. We’ll taste a flight of 5 wines and discuss the exciting shifts happening in the California wine industry!

$50 per person*

Natty and Nice

Natural wine is taking the world by storm but what is it exactly and who is making the best of it? Is this just a trend or here to stay? After tasting a flight of 5 wines, you be the judge!

$50 per person*

Regional Tours:

Each class includes a class of sparkling and a tasting flight of 5 wines.

  • The Pacific Northwest

  • California

  • France

  • Portugal

$50 per person*

*Please note, there is a 6 person minimum for all tastings. Tasting can be in-home or an alternate location of your choice. Glassware is provided for tastings. There is an additional travel charge for class locations outside Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

Photo by Hetty McKinnon

Photo by Hetty McKinnon